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  • Singing Bridges Worldwide

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    Singing Bridges Worldwide

    A network meeting for prospective Global Bridge Symphony. “Singing Bridges is a poetic intervention into urban architecture, listening to the sounds of bridges as musical instruments on a global stage. Bridges naturally serve a specific function, and it is fascinating to hear inside these deeply metaphoric structures, listen to their voices singing as wind, tension [...]

  • VURB

    Encontro de Redes // Mostra de Experiências //


    VURB is a European framework for policy and design research concerning urban computational systems. The VURB foundation, based in Amsterdam, provides direction and resources to a portfolio of projects investigating how our cultures might come to use networked digital resources to change the way we understand, build, and inhabit cities.

  • Systems/Layers Rio: A walkshop on networked urbanism

    Visualidades //

    Systems/Layers Rio: A walkshop on networked urbanism

    What. Systems/Layers is a half-day “walkshop,” held in two parts. The first portion of the activity is dedicated to a slow and considered walk through a reasonably dense and built-up section of the city at hand. What we’re looking for are appearances of the networked digital in the physical, and vice versa: apertures through which [...]

  • Les VillesAllantVers

    Encontro de Redes // Mostra de Experiências //

    Les VillesAllantVers

    « Les VillesAllantVers » Address of « Les VillesAllantVers » : Xavier Leton Les Bougainvilliers, n°23 avenue du Bousquetier. 13012 F — Marseille Tél. : + 33 [+]6 72 86 66 63 — Mail : xavier@villesallantvers.org ART PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Objects: « Les VillesAllantVers » — sensitive city ­— see & transform the city up to its inhabitants. It is a co-creation made with the participation [...]


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