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  • Animata

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    Animata is a real-time animation software, designed to create interactive background projections for concerts, theatre and dance performances, and promotional screenings. The peculiarity of the software is that the animation – the movement of the puppets, the changes of the background – is generated in real-time, making continuous interaction possible. This ability also permits that [...]

  • água-dados

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    Despite a world-class water treatment facility at Guandu, years of under-investment in water distribution infrastructure and an estimated 3 million informal users have left Rio de Janeiro’s drinking water distribution system well short of its full potential. It is estimated that over 2 million Cariocas, are at risk of water-borne illness each year – mostly [...]

  • Rock-Art2noise

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    Le terme Rock Art qualifie les manifestations artistiques sur support rocheux. Avec Rock-Art2noise, nous interpellons à nouveau ce geste pictural préhistorique. Les traits du peintre et leurs phénomènes sonores se prolongent par l’entremise du traitement numérique avec Pure Data. Convoquer le Rock Art ne signifie pas reproduire sa théâtralité rupestre, même si évoquer le Rock [...]

  • Mixando Personas

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    Mixando Personas

    Performance audiovisual com mixagem de streams em tempo real. “Mixando personas” é uma performance efêmera de video arte, na qual, para se criar as imagens, foram mixadas, em tempo real, streamings. http://www.campus-party.com.br/2011/design-foto-video.html


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