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  • Weavrs: Virtual Persons for an Information Age

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    Weavrs: Virtual Persons for an Information Age

    Weavrs are your personalised narrative filters for the social web – computer-generated virtual personas that exist where our imaginations reside, between the activities and memories of the people around us. Throughout the day, your Weavrs will blog media from various web services such as videos from YouTube, inspiration from Twitter, music from Last.fm, and venues [...]

  • Interface Design for live visuals / VJ performances

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    Interface Design for live visuals / VJ performances

    to demystify technology , to disassemble and deconstruct current technology to build new tools for performance. This workshop aims to explore a set of vital tools and techniques for the development of real-time visual performance interfaces. Subjects explored include, user centered design, interface design, realtime media processing, physical computing, computer vision. The objective of this [...]

  • Reel Youth

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    Reel Youth

    Reel Youth is a not-for-profit, media empowerment program supporting youth, adults, organizations and businesses to create and distribute engaging films about the issues they care about most. Reel Youth works with organizations to provide mobile stop motion animation, video production, photography, broadcasting, and film festival programs that create and distribute messages participants most want to [...]

  • água-dados

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    Despite a world-class water treatment facility at Guandu, years of under-investment in water distribution infrastructure and an estimated 3 million informal users have left Rio de Janeiro’s drinking water distribution system well short of its full potential. It is estimated that over 2 million Cariocas, are at risk of water-borne illness each year – mostly [...]

  • Just kill me now

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    Just kill me now

    In ‘Just kill me now’ you can kill yourself online. It is made as a comment to the excessive use of guns, especially amongst young people. The goal is to make shooting someone connected to terminating human life. What else will serve as a better gateway to conveying this feeling, than having the trigger pointed [...]


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