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  • The Deleted City

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    The Deleted City

    The Deleted City is a digital archaeology of the world wide web as it exploded into the 21st century. At that time the web was often described as an enormous digital library that you could visit or contribute to by building a homepage. The early citizens of the net (or netizens) took their netizenship serious, [...]

  • Mostra de Experiências // Oficinas // Visualidades //

    The 24-Hour City Project

    If you had just 24 hours to impact your city, what would you do? As a creative experiment in temporary urbanism and digital innovation, the 24-Hour City Project explores the intersection of data, arts, and technology within the built environment. The project aims to demonstrate how technology, imagination, and innovation can envision our future cities. [...]

  • The Week in Review

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    The Week in Review

    The Week in Review maps a week of stock price fluctuations of the three largest companies in the music industry to musical notes and visuals. It is an interactive audiovisual projection that participants can play through a turntable and custom built LED clock interface. The work highlights the role of the global marketplace in music [...]


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