This, 3 hour, workshop is a short immersion into the tattooing world. Under Your Skin seeks to demystify tattooing, a procedure which has been documented with physical evidence since 3,300 BCE and circumstantially from as far back as 38,000 BCE. We see the process of getting a tattoo as something which needs to be done by “professionals” but for thousands of years people have been developing the practice through a variety of methods and tools.
To begin the workshop, we will begin with a brief discussion on the route tattooing has traveled across cultures, through history and how that relates to the practices we know today. We follow up the historical significance of tattooing by looking at how a tattoo is left under your skin, how it affects your skin, how your skin reacts, aftercare, sterility, health and safety concerns.
During the practical portion of workshop, participants will begin by learning ‘stick & poke’- the simplest way of tattooing using few materials and costing very little to execute. As prisons have played a large part in the imagery and development of tattooing we will follow up stick and poke with all of the workshop participants learning how to make their own “prison style” rotary tattoo machines. For the finale of the workshop, all individuals will get to practice using a professional tattoo machine. During the workshop, all tattooing will be done on fruit.
Participants of the workshop should leave with a historical context for the practice of tattooing, basic knowledge of how to accomplish tattooing (by a variety of methods) in a safe and sterile environment, and their own tattooed piece of fruit.



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