If you had just 24 hours to impact your city, what would you do?

As a creative experiment in temporary urbanism and digital innovation, the 24-Hour City Project explores the intersection of data, arts, and technology within the built environment. The project aims to demonstrate how technology, imagination, and innovation can envision our future cities.

Inspired by the National Building Museum’s Intelligent Cities initiative (http://www.nbm.org/intelligentcities/), the project has teams compete over a 24-hour period to see who can most effectively, creatively, and sustainably activate an underused urban space using the guiding principles and goals of Intelligent Cities. These include:

● Leveraging technology and data to reveal hidden relationships between our physical and digital worlds, and impacting the way we interact with our environments and each other;

● Focusing on citizen-generated services to redefine the relationship between citizens and government;

● Accelerating the transfer of ideas between entrepreneurs and urban change agents;

● Generating useful data so that we can make more informed public policy decisions; and

● Enhancing our ability to communicate with one another to create vibrant and livable cities.

Our pilot project, launched on June 5, 2011 at the National Building Museum, brought in hundreds of policy leaders, city and national officials, civic and community leaders, and citizens to watch the projects be constructed and see their incredible end results. Upon completion of the inaugural project, the 24-Hour City Project received funding to launch a larger competition in Washington on November 11, 2011, and then expand to other cities around the world.

Through the 24-Hour City Project, we aim to create a global discussion and open source marketplace for some of the world’s best ideas on how to activate underused spaces and make our cities more dynamic, vibrant, healthy, and fun places to live.

You can see the results of our June event at http://www.vimeo.com/26916951.




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