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Soñando Satelites


projeto inscrito por Luca Carrubba

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Soñando Satelites is a real time satellite sound installation that invites to dream and proposes to look over our head as a land to explore and hack.
It is a ritual of re-appropriation, a celebration of the fact we are involved in the same data-space that could control bodies or change relations between entities.
Soñando Satelites is a generative sound track connected to a real time multi tracking satellite system called Gpredict, especially patched for the installation. The installation aims to create an immersive audio/visual space for the audience: the public enters a dark room where a projection of a satellite real time tracking system is displayed. Audio is provided through wireless headphones that allow people to move freely within the immersive space. Only free software has been used to develop that work and all the making process is documented for the public.

More info and audio example:


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