A network meeting for prospective Global Bridge Symphony.

“Singing Bridges is a poetic intervention into urban architecture, listening to the sounds of bridges as musical instruments on a global stage. Bridges naturally serve a specific function, and it is fascinating to hear inside these deeply metaphoric structures, listen to their voices singing as wind, tension and traffic create audible vibration in the cables.”

Imagining the cables of suspension and stay-cabled bridges as telegraph wires stretching across the globe, and the sound of the vibrations as the voice of the bridge, each singing a unique song. My dream is to connect signals from the cables through technological and human networks, linking the sounds of cable bridges worldwide in a Global Bridge Symphony.

Every location needs a different solution to amplify and stream the on-site bridge signals. Context is key: not only sound of the structure, but meta-bridges between places, people and our need to connect on a deeper level. What is the mental map/conceptual relationship between places, people and bridges? Exploring the specifics of bridges through their location in cultural and geographic contexts with trans-local artists to create audio enhanced bridges.

The goal of attending the CulturaDigital.Br Festival is to connect with people who may be interested in being part of the Global Bridge Network. We can decide to create an intervention on a local bridge, test the new cable-stayed bridge for sound, or imagine how to intrigue the bridge monitoring companies enough to offer their data streams for music!

The practical steps can be adapted to varying conditions in each bridge location to include: Site Connectivity/Electricity/Fix sensors to cables/Send signals/Play/Online Mix/Live Venues

Community, connection, and a global network: You can’t play a symphony on your own.








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