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projeto inscrito por Nikolaos Ververidis

Two years ago LOCOMOTIVA’s team, based in Athens, Greece embarked in to a new adventure following the latest technology trends.

We created “Shoot It”, a festival of mobile film and photography shot exclusively with a mobile phone camera and edited in a personal computer.

The first year we focused on young people, we reached more than 160 public schools through our partnership with the Ministry of Education of Greece and we received more than 1000 entries from individuals across Greece.

During the second year we created a tremendous media buzz in the Greek society again, the “Shoot It” photos and videos where screened at relevant media festivals and events and we were awarded for our achievements at the global Hong Kong Mobile Film Festival! (See it here: http://www.hkimfa.com/aboutPartners.html)

Today, having successfully organized for two consecutive years “Shoot It” in Greece, we have decided to face a new challenge and open “Shoot It” to the world with a more dynamic approach open to all.

We wish to establish and implement “Shoot It” on an annual basis in multiple countries and we wish to do so for a higher purpose.

We envision a world where social & cultural issues are solved through active participation of communities and their members
Our mission is to increase awareness & inspire participation of communities across the world for solving important social & cultural issues



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