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Remote Life – Using Devices of Information / Understanding Decisions of Users of Motion Picture Palying Devices


projeto inscrito por Attila Nemes

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The presentation introducing Kitchen Budapest’s research project on motion picture
related device usage. (The creative research project is part of the McLuhan Europe 2011
Location: Kitchen Budapest
Subject: Uses of motion picture content / devices
Target group: 5-7, 12-14, 16-18, 65-75, 75+ age people
We have organized a video-ethnographic research among children (5-7) in a kindergarden,
people (65-75, 75+) living in a an elderly home and some people in the same age living
on their own. We also monitored some ethnic teenage groups in a community center located
one of the southern parts of Budapest (Ferencváros) called Közért.
The aim of the research was collecting video recordings and voice comments on the use
of motion picture content in everyday life. We were interested in uses of devices and specific
contents as well. The videos collected were the material for the creative workshop dealt with
possible future developments of media / devices related to viewing motion picture content.
My presentation will introduce the results of the research: documentation, videos,
analysis of the videos and finally I will show some project ideas based on this creative research.
By doing so we will also give an insight of Kitchen Budapest’s production process and KIBU’s
societal focused thinking to technology.
“In our time, when the networking and interactive communication are far beyond all the
expectations which people had in the sixties about the growing informational society, it seems
that the McLuhanist idea of global village was an error only in judging the level of intensity of
connection between people. The idea is seemingly completed in a much higher level. At least
seemingly. For the „melting” of people into the apparatuses which produce virtuality is different
in the west/north and in the east/south side of the world.„



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