« Les VillesAllantVers »

Address of « Les VillesAllantVers » :
Xavier Leton
Les Bougainvilliers, n°23 avenue du Bousquetier. 13012 F — Marseille
Tél. : + 33 [+]6 72 86 66 63 — Mail : xavier@villesallantvers.org


Objects: « Les VillesAllantVers » — sensitive city ­— see & transform the city up to its inhabitants. It is a co-creation made with the participation of a public-resource.

« Les VillesAllantVers » is a collective and multidisciplinary. This creation re-creates the daily travel of the residents. This is reproducible from one city to another.
« Les VillesAllantVers » is a participatory and evolutionary development. This achievement is based on workshops and meetings.
The starting point of this creation is the « path » daily, we do in town. Each participant chooses a path. When a journey is often said we are paying more attention to the environment of this trip, nor the things that we meet.
The creation is to separate the sounds, colors, shapes, smells, images, memories, landmarks of course. We collect and transform the text, speech (sound recordings), drawing, photography, video, installation space. When these routes are transformed, we present to the public through an installation « in situ » in the street and in an enclosed space (gallery). And on a website, that is to say in a virtual space.

The creation is based on four cardinal points, four notions of representation of a journey, « the course », « the route », « Common Area » a place to be chosen by the participant, the « object » found in the place of choice. The fifth point is the space created by the pooling of the four cardinal points: the « invisible city » or « sensitive city ».

« Course » is an abstract object. It is constructed as a narrative by a subject, the narrator. It is marked objects, landmarks. The agency about these benchmarks into a story. If we capture the story and that we apply to reality, we can not reproduce the course. Be missing information. Through drawing, writing we will try to clarify what the « path » mean to the narrator.

« Route » is a concrete notion. In his reading, we can do without the subject that tells the story and make it happen. This time we start from a concrete notion to create an abstract object. We will try by writing games, to abstract information for this route to create plans of course, made of these texts.

« Common Area » is a place where we like to be.

« Object » found in the place of choice, « Common Area ». It is an part of « Common Area ». These are concrete objects that are used during installation « in situ », but also for creating movies.

the « invisible city » is the element consistent, a creation out of four times (« Course », « Route », « Common Area », « Object ») in an order established by the participants. We discover the city as a construction that goes from the individual to the common, composed of memories, desires and experiences of its inhabitants. We are committed to the concept of this border town, between the districts for example. We do not the city as a unit, but as the arrangement of a set of multiple points of view which, combined to create a puzzle with different perspectives.

See & transfom the city up to its people

Site « VillesAllantVers » : http://villesallantvers.org/
« Route » – « sensitive city », Marseille – Quartier de la Joliette : http://tinyurl.com/villesallantvers
Chaîne « VillesAllantVers » (films HD) : http://youtube.com/villesallantvers/
Livret de présentation : http://www.calameo.com/read/00004505211aaa32c33f0
(Editions de la Revue des Ressources – isbn : 9782919128020)



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