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Interface Design for live visuals / VJ performances


projeto inscrito por Rui PG Pereira (rux)

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to demystify technology , to disassemble and deconstruct current technology to build new tools for performance. This workshop aims to explore a set of vital tools and techniques for the development of real-time visual performance interfaces. Subjects explored include, user centered design, interface design, realtime media processing, physical computing, computer vision. The objective of this workshop is to familiarize its participants with a broad set of tools and techniques side by side with an historical perspective of technology, media and visual arts and a strong emphasis on interface design.
Participants will be challenged to analyze their media performance activities in order to build their own hardware and software interfaces tools for VJ’ing, interactive installations and multimedia shows re-using off-the-shelf products and Isadora programming environment. Participants are invited to bring Arduino Platform, sensors and old midi controllers to disassemble. To celebrate the workshop there should be a demo party where participants perform with the interfaces design and built in the workshop.



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