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Chaos macht Schule


projeto inscrito por Jan Girlich

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The Chaos Computer Club (CCC) is a German union of hackers. Since 30 years we try to advocate the digital native’s interests in politics and society. We successfully fought against voting machines and are also a very strong voice against surveillance laws. In the meantime we became a valued advisor for the German federal constitutional court and the parliament.

The German school system and government show a big lack of awareness of and competence in media literacy and life with the internet. But as the internet is becoming an essential part of everyone’s life and ignoring it will negatively affect us, we decided it’s time to do something about it. So about three years ago a new project inside the CCC was started: ‘Chaos macht Schule’ (CmS). The name is a play on words saying ‘chaos is catching on’ and ‘chaos makes school’ in the same moment. CmS has the aim to educate Germany’s future generations with the same mindset, raise awareness for new media and awaken kid’s curiosity and interest in creatively shaping the internet instead of passively consuming it.

Its success let CmS quickly grow from a local to a nation-wide project. As the CCC is a decentralized organization, the methods to reach these aims differ a little in each local chapter. Our methods reach from talks and workshops for pupils and parents at schools, coursework for teacher trainees at universities to conferences with their own track for children. The point in common is that our methods are very well accepted by teachers, parents and pupils alike. In our talk we would like to give a small historical overview of the CCC and its role in German and European society, present some different approaches of the local chapters participating in CmS and explain how you can achieve the same in your country.



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