My presentation proposal is called “Bus Stops, Corner Stores and Counter
Tops: new strategies for art and social engagement by Marion Wilson.
This conversation will specifically detail three of my most recent major
public art works including This Store Too, 2004 (on the Bowery,
commissioned by New Museum of Contemporary Art, NYC); MLAB (mobile
literacy arts bus – a renovated 1984 RV into a digital lab, classroom,
gallery and library traveling to 12 impoverished city schools each
year); and 601 Tully – a storefront for public art, ecology, education
and entrepreneurship. My work and is a unique straddling of the public
realm, sculpture, education and architecture. I am interested in
cities, landscapes, sites and populations that are marginalized usually
due to poverty and form unique collaborations with unlikely
collaborators including homeless people, students and neighbors.
I will talk about about working on the Bowery with three homeless men;
turning a college class into a non-hierarchical collaborative design
team (called Social Sculpture) while designing a bus for an urban school
district; and finally and most currently and poignantly- inhabiting a
drub house on the ninth poorest neighborhood in American and getting to
know the neighbors. – and its attempt to resolve real world issues
through art and design.

In addition I am very interested in participating in a project with the
Hacker Bus project which I have heard alot about. I have begun an
outdoor miniature painting project that “maps” areas that are
overlooked. I create miniature paintings on glass and would like to
conduct this mapping project with the public in several of the sites
that the Hacker bus will travel when I am not presenting.



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