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projeto inscrito por Victor Hugo Celaya

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ARTO is a company that utilizes art as a vehicle to integrate cities and empower people.

The use of technology has been always embedded in ARTO´s productions, since it is a fundamental piece to disseminate the creative processes and include the citizens of the cities where our projects take place. Furthermore, digital media are a channel to share with the world what is happening in our projects almost immediately. That is the case of ALL CITY CANVAS – Urban Art Festival, our next project that will take place in Mexico City 2012. At it, we will be live streaming 24 hours a day for a whole week the creative process of 10 huge murals in the largest city in the world.

On the other hand, ARTO is developing a virtual “marketplace” where emerging artists from around the world would be able to show and commercialize their pieces of art without limitations. The project is programmed to be released at the end of this year.

The projects that ARTO has produced in the last couple of years are:

Coming soon 2012: ALL CITY CANVAS www.allcitycanvas.com (website under construction)

2011 / 06 – Seres Queridos Paris: http://paris.seresqueridos.org/
2011 / 05 – BACKYARD: http://arto.mx/backyard/ – http://arto.mx/projects/backyard-hmo/
2011 / 03 – El Panorámico: http://arto.mx/projects/el-panoramico/
2010 / 12 – Seres Queridos Campeche: http://campeche.seresqueridos.org/
2010 / 05 Seres Queridos Monterrey: http://monterrey.seresqueridos.org/



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