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Aland 2.0


projeto inscrito por Philipp Pocock

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Commissioned to create a work for the Seville Biannual Philip Pocock put together a team of enlightened hackers and good students to produce his concept – aland: scopic regimes of uncertainty. The work builds on code and scopic aesthetics developed in previous works SpacePlace, Unmovie and Humbot, culminating in the production with funds to pay technical assistant Yunjun Lee and with the good will of hackers or datatects as Pocock calls this activity, Alex Wenger, Linus Stolz, Daniel Burckhardt, some support from Julian Finn, and database cleaning and administration from another paid assistant Jayoung Bang, 3 sculptures, talking computer ‘edge of reality and humanity’ things representing Muhammad IbnTufail, Moses Maimonides and Federico Garcia Lorca act in ways that trigger the surveillance of screens focused on the contemporary blogosphere of Andalusia (the first venue for Pocock’s commission) producing visually similar streams of user-generated images and telescopic zoom close-ups subtitled by text drawn from the convivial history of the Iberian Peninsula Al-Andaluz (hence aland) when Jews, Muslims and Christians more or less coinhabited with tolerance south west Europe resulting in a gargantuan leap in humanity and technological development, some say, made the subsequent Renaissance period and the Industrial Revolution a possibility. Thanks to my commissioner Peter Weibel for the opportunity to produce this work.




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