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    • 14:00-16:00

      Building digital culture labs

      Is it possible to “open” the chambers in Brasilia so that every citizen can get involved in the country's politics and promote new rapports with the authorities?

    • 16:30-18:30

      How to articulate digital culture and the Congress?

      Joint activity between labs and the public authorities to discuss new propositions for this area in Brazil.

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    • 10:00-22:00

    • 16:00-18:00

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    • 14:45-15:00


      Laboratory on the creative use of technology in education as an essential part of the contemporary curriculum. Technological devices and their scientific, artistic, recreational and aesthetic potential.

    • 15:05-15:20


      Educational project on nomadic spaces for the joint creation of knowledge, investigation of processes of learning and decentralized teaching. Technological appropriation and artistic language to promote collaborative and autonomous education.

    • 15:25-15:40

      Teko Arandu

      Creation of favorable conditions using tools such as georeferencing, radio and internet to promote exchanges between indigenous groups and maintenance and transmission of traditional cultural practices.

    • 16:05-16:20

      Aesthetic interactions

      Presentation of the aesthetic experience of interaction between digital culture and african culture of the project Samba and African Origins in Porto Alegre.


    • 17:15-17:30

      Amigos de Januária

      Citizen media initiative that seeks to teach young people to use digital tools to monitor the municipal administration in the city of Januária (MG). Besides journalism techniques, participants learn to access information available in public databases.
    • 17:35-17:50


      Earlier this year we saw the popular uprising against the Egyptian president. The government ordered to turn off the internet. This project aims to map the"owners" of the Internet. Where are the control nodes of the service used by thousands of global citizens?
    • 17:55-18:10

      Bus Stops, Corner Stores and Countertops

      Proposal for a "social sculpture" made ​​by an artist, which includes dismantling hierarchical structures in classrooms, transforming a 1984 RV in an itinerant laboratory and have homeless workers.

    • 18:15-18:30

      DominemoslasTIC /METOCA

      The groups Dominemos las Tecnologias and Metoca work with technological appropriation to disseminate, coordinate and articulate ideas and projects on gender rights. The group also works with cultural activities such as the Theatre of the Oppressed and new media.

    • 18:35-18:50


      Exchange of knowledge among women who work and think issues relating to politics, science, body, art and technology. Sharing of the experience of working in a diversity dynamic and heterogeneity where autonomous work together to build something together.

    • 18:55-19:10

      Invisible agents

      The project seeks to identify mechanisms to monitor the personal data on the Brazilian internet and produce visual maps for understanding the phenomenon, thus broadening the public debate on the processing of personal data in cyberspace.

    • 19:15-19:30

      Mobile Alert Contra Surveillance

      The objective of anonominoColectivo, Mexico, was to allow anyone to know the location of security cameras in their own city. For this, an app was developed with maps and warnings for cell phones and so was a web page, where the development of the project is documented.

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    • 19:00-20:00

      Opening Ceremony

    • 20:00-21:30

      Yochai Benkler

      Presentation: Gilberto Gil

    • 21:30-21:45

      EstereoEnsaios Exhibition


    • 22:00-00:00

      Opening Cocktail

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    • 13:30-19:30

      Integrarte/Entregarte (RJ)

      The project creates visualizations and sonorisation of body movements to explore its relations to the space. An interactive installation is created using Kinect and Processing.

    • 14:00-16:00

      Newton & Jobs

      Old slides and pieces of photographic film gain a handcrafted layer and get projected on the wall. The overlaying of these projected images are then recorded in video and edited. See the video.

    • 14:00-22:00


      The Installation proposes the visualization of digital creations in the physical space of the event through QR codes. The reading application, Jandig, will be available in bluetooth totems around the Festival.

    • 14:00-16:00

      Video Art -- Projections at MAM

    • 18:30-19:30

      Sub Urban Medias (RJ)

      Audiovisual workshops and a show of low-budget films. They were produced collectively during audiovisual workshops around Brasil and Rio de Janeiro.

    • 20:00-22:00

      A Sky of Words

      White kytes are flewn in the nightime, while words of poems are released unto the sky. In order to read the poems, the audience needs to make the kytes fly together.

    • 20:00-22:00

      Dreaming Satellites

      Soñando Satelites is a real time satellite sound installation that proposes to look over our head as a land to explore and hack. Coded in free software.


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