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Past editions

In 2009, before ‘Digital Culture’ was listed in Wikipedia, the Brazilian Office of Culture, in cooperation with the civil society, launched the Fórum da Cultura Digital, a space for the collective elaboration of cultural policies for the 21th century – the century of networks, information and post-industrial production.

This dialogue resulted in various actions in defense of free software; public policies for knowledge sharing, like Cultura Viva; the support for Copyright Law reform; and the creation of Marco Civil da Internet, a collaborative draft bill proposition for the establishment of a civil-rights based legal framework for the use of Internet, sent to the Congress by the president, Dilma Rousseff, in August 24th this year.

In the past editions (2009 and 2010), the number of attendees outreached our expectations and the event surpassed its original purpose. The #culturadigitalbr hashtag was among the most commented subjects on Twitter during the event and appeared in Trending Topics list of 2010. In the same year, the online public that watched the talks via internet outnumbered the already expressive present audience. In 2009, the event gathered 700 people in 4 days; in 2010, the number of attendees grew to 3.500 in 3 days of activities.

A big arena was set at the event and networks that operate in the intersection between culture, politics and technology, namely Fora do Eixo, Transparência Hacker and RedeLabs had their actions potencialized by the interactions in this space.

The debates started at the Festival will continue to reverberate in the online world through our social network CulturaDigital.Br, which currently hosts more than 700 blogs and has 7.354 active members.

A series of open documents telling the story of our events are available online. Among them, the CulturaDigital.Br book, the Remixofagia video, 2009 and 2010 editions websites, interviews, the Retalhos projectDigital Culture Timeline and more.

After the first two editions at Cinemateca de São Paulo, the event now arrives at Rio de Janeiro as a Festival, due to the variety of simultaneous activities. Keynote Sessions, debates, workshops, meet-ups, art attractions and various kinds of experimentations will be happening there. Get ready for Rio de Janeiro!



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