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This section is addressed to all of those who are willing to collaborate in the dissemination of CulturaDigital.Br International Festival. Here you will find banners, logomarks, press releases, pictures, videos and some useful information.

Press Registration

The CulturaDigital.Br festival is free and open to everyone. As we celebrate de democratization of the web, every registration of press will automatically be accepted.

So, why register?
Registering helps our communication team to plan the coverage of the event.

Click here to register

Further information:

Camila Agustini and Georgia Nicolau

Press kit

If you need promo images, including banners and logomarks, click here. For pictures of last year edition, click here.

For scheduling  interviews and request of additional information about our keynote speakers, please get in touch with our press service:

Binômio Comunicação

Marcelo Gusmão
11 9383-7349 / 3539-5626

Joca Vidal
21 8798-6268 / 2422-1840

We invite all the journalists, videomakers, writers, photographers and others to cover the Festival. All the generated content will be published on our website and spread through our networks. Send us a note saying who you are and what you would like to do. We’ll be getting back to you soon. comunicacao@culturadigital.org.br

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