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It’s not easy to come up with a schedule for an event that approaches such a broad subject as digital culture. For this reason, we have invited 11 curators to join our team and help us out with this task – people who worked in various areas of digital culture, keeping up with the debate and following national and international agendas.

Together, Cicero Inacio da Silva, Claudio Prado, Daniela Silva, Felipe Fonseca, Gabriela Agustini, Ivana Bentes, Pablo Capilé, Pedro Abramovay, Pedro Markun, Rodrigo Savazoni and Sérgio Amadeu analyzed, one by one, the 358 projects submitted though our open call, discussing the viability of their execution within the structured designed for the Festival.

But that was not all. The Festival proposes itself as a common space for linking projects and networks from all over the world. In order to create a proficuous space, the team of curators evaluated which projects are more alike and capable of interacting and dialoguing with each other. Our goal is to streghten the debate and the cultural production as a whole, both from a practical as from a theoretical perspective, and find new paths for the penetration of the digital in the brazilian culture.

If your project has not been selected, it doesn’t mean it’s not qualified. It may be requested for a next edition of the Festival.

The results of our curatorship work will soon be announced here in our website. Thank you for your patience!

  • Sergio Amadeu

    Sergio Amadeu

    Sociologist and professor at the School of UFABC and member at Brazilian Internet Management Committee. Has written many books, including “Digital Exclusion: the misery in the information age”. Activist for freedom at network and for the free software.

  • felipe

    Felipe Fonseca

    Founder of MetaReciclagem, Redelabs and Bricolabs. He is a member of the editorial board of A Rede magazine, collective MutGamb and DesCentro association and the author of the independently released book “Laboratórios do Pós Digital”.

  • gabrielaagustini

    Gabriela Agustini

    Executive Director of CulturaDigital.Br, she organized the past two editions of Forum da Cultura Digital Brasileira. She is also the content editor of culturadigital.br platform and the multimedia coordinator of the project Produção Cultural no Brasil.

  • ivana bentes

    Ivana Bentes

    Professor and director of the Communications School – UFRJ, organizer of Fórum de Mídia Livre, and member of Universidade Nômade.

  • pablo capile

    Pablo Capilé

    Cultural producer, co-founder of Espaço Cubo in Cuiabá and Cirtcuito Fora do Eixo. He also promotes the expansion of Fora do Eixo’s activities around the country and helps in the organization of the festival Grito Rock América do Sul. Vice-President of Abrafin (Brazilian Association of Independent Festivals) and member of PCult (Culture Party).

  • Pedro Markun

    Pedro Markun

    Co-founder of ESFERA, a group that focus on open data, politics and internet. Co-founder of the network Transpariencia Hacker and Jornal de Debates. He is also a co-founder of Casa da Cultura Digital.

  • rodrigo-savazoni

    Rodrigo Savazoni

    Founder and director of Festival CulturaDigital.Br, director of FLi Produções and co-founder of Casa da Cultura Digital. He created the video series Remixofagia, organized the past 2 editions of Fórum da Cultura Digital Brasileira, directed de project Produção Cultural no Brasil and organized the International Simposium of Public Policies for Digital Archives.

  • Cícero da Silva

    Cícero Silva

    Researcher of digital art and culture, he’s currently a professor at Universidade Federal de Juiz de Fora and coordinates the group Software Studies — a research group based in California University, San Diego — in Brazil. He was the curator of digital arts in the two editions of Fórum da Cultura Digital Brasileira and mediator of this topic at culturadigita.br. He’s also the co-author of “The Explorers: Open Source and Free Software in Brazil” (MIT Press)

  • Claudio Prado

    Claudio Prado

    Cultural producer , counter-culture activist, co-founder of Glastonbury Festival (England). He produced some concerts for the bands Novos Baianos and Mutantes and worked with Digital Policies at the Ministry of Culture from 2003-2008. Onde of the founders of Casa da Cultura Digital, he is also the president of the NGO Laboratório Brasileiro de Cultura Digital.

  • Daniela Silva

    Daniela Silva

    Activist for public transparency in the web, she’s a co-founder of Transparência Hacker network. Co-founder of ESFERA — a group that focus on open data, politics and internet — and co-author of the book “Cidadania e Redes Digitais” (CGI.Br)

  • Pedro Abramovay

    Pedro Abramovay

    Professor at Fundação Getulio Vargas (RJ), he was an advisor for mayor’s cabinet in São Paulo (2001), legal adviser of the government leadership (2003), special advider for the Ministry of Justice (2007-2009) and national secretary of Justice (2010).


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