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Collaborative Posters

We've opened this call to support the collaborative creation of posters for the Festival. The idea is that people build upon our visual identity to create their own CulturaDigital.Br posters. There are no rules to restrain your creative expression and the posters may be created digitally or manually. Our purpose with this call is to make the visual concept of the Festival more complex through collaboration.


If you want to send us a poster, follow the guidelines from our visual identity handbook. We have developed a visual identity based on the concepts of cultural diversity, transparency of information, remix and collaboration.
We’ll chose 10 posters to be printed (as wheatpaste posters) and spread around the city of Rio de Janeiro.

How to submit your poster

1) Download the file containing the .psd template, logo, fonts and the visual identity handbook.

2) Create. We don’t mind the technique you use. Once you get your poster done, make sure it fits our template.

3) Save your file in Photoshop format and alike(.PSD, .AI, .EPS). Also, make a .PDF or .JPG of the poster to be displayed on our website. Submit them through our form.

4) Fill out the form with your personal data and send your files. You will get a confirmation by e-mail and instructions to submit your files in high resolution.

5) After the publication of your poster, you will get an e-mail with the URL of your poster on our site so you can share it.

Creative Commons BY-SA 3.0 License

All the pieces submitted to us will be used as part of the visual identity of the Festival. All the artists will be given credit in our press kit. By sending your poster, you must agree with the licensing of your work under Creative commons BY-SA 3.0 .



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